iStock_000007980637XSmallThe steep decline in the use of hormone therapy has spawned a prevalent but preventable side effect: millions of women suffering in silence with hot flashes and other frequently occurring symptoms, called vasomotor symptoms (VMS) including fatigue, sleep disturbance, depression, anxiety, and impaired short-term memory. According to a study by a Yale School of Medicine researcher and colleagues published in the journal Menopause, the team found moderate to severe VMS are not treated in most women, which places demands on health care and drives up insurance costs. Read the entire article in Medical News Today, Women with hot flashes suffering in silence: millions in lost wages preventable.
iStock_000008336736SmallWhile Somnius won’t cure all your Menopausal symptoms, Somnius will help you sleep better and longer allowing your body to experience the healing benefits of Deep Sleep. Post-Menopausal women using Somnius report sleeping better and waking up relaxed. Somnius restores your body’s Circadian Rhythms while interrupting unwanted electromagnetic radiation that can interfere with sleep. There are no pills to take, no headphones to wear, no ‘relaxing’ teas to drink, just plug Somnius in and slip it under your pillow for a great night’s sleep from the first night. Buy Somnius directly from NuTesla and save $40 here.

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