Bio TechnologyTeenagers who don’t get enough sleep may wake up to worse consequences than nodding off during chemistry class. According to new research, risk of being obese by age 21 was 20 percent higher among 16-year-olds who got less than six hours of sleep a night, compared with their peers who slumbered more than eight hours. Read the article Inadequate sleep during teen years increases risk of obesity here. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends nine to ten hours of sleep for teenagers.

AwakeningSomnius entrains the brain to help your teen fall asleep naturally and awaken energized by emitting Bio-Pulses following healthy sleep cycles. While NuTesla cannot promise your teenagers will do their chores or listen to you, we can promise Somnius will help them sleep better in less than a week, and a 30 day money-back guarantee means you can try Somnius risk-free. Try Somnius now and save $40 by purchasing directly from NuTesla here.

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